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Fast growing Dallas property managment company providing property management and brokerage services in Arlington, Bedford, Dallas, Denton, Fort Worth, Keller, Lancaster, McKinney, Plano and surrounding areas

Dallas Property Management
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Dallas Property Management
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Dallas Property Management
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Dallas Property Management
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Dallas Property Management

Sulthar Properties LLC is a full service Dallas property management company serving Dallas and surrounding areas. For property owners we offer lease only service, full service Dallas property management service, Dallas property management only service, Dallas eviction service and real estate brokerage services. For our tenants we offer reasonably priced rental homes with exceptional customer service.

Being the trusted name in Dallas property management, Sulthar Properties strives to create a win - win relationship with our Dallas property owners and tenants. You will no longer have to worry about your property when you have Sulthar Properties manage your property. At Sulthar Properties we are dedicated to selecting quality tenants and keeping your investment in good condition with minimal repair cost. We want your real estate investment to be a success.
Dallas Property Management

Dallas is the third largest city in Texas and the ninth largest in the United States. The city has a memorable slogan. “Live Large, Think Big.” Dallas offers a richly diverse culinary scene, luxury accommodations, professional sports, and a variety of shopping opportunities.

The museums in Dallas reflect the think-big attitude. The Dallas Museum of Art, for example, has collections covering everything from ancient Mediterranean and Asian art to works by modern greats like Pablo Picasso and Jackson Pollock. Permanent collections of African, European, and American art and other special exhibitions are on display.

The Dallas World Aquarium boasts a 22,000-gallon tunnel with a panoramic view of underwater reef life is the centerpiece of this popular aquarium, which also runs a preservation program involving young green sea turtles.

Dallas is known for a variety of styles of cuisine, so you can exercise your passion for food at any time. But, give in to your Texas side and enjoy the Mexican, Tex-Mex, and even the barbecue foods you find here. There’s a magnificent five-star restaurant called The Mansion on Turtle Creek. Located in Owl Creek, The Mansion serves New American Cuisine. Dallas is reported to have more restaurants per capita than New York City.

As far as popular music goes, tourists can go to the Deep Ellum section of town and bask in the history of the blues dating back to the 1920s. Robert Johnson and Bessie Smith played there in their days. The area is more upscale now and home to bars, pubs, loft studios and artists enclaves.

Dallas has its share of sports teams as well. These include the Dallas Desperadoes for arena football, the Dallas Mavericks for the NBA, and the Dallas Stars for the NHL.

Dallas Property Management

sulthar properties property management testimonial I've been an investment property owner in Dallas, TX for numerous years. I persevered through a couple of different property managers until I was lucky enough to meet up with Mohamed at Sulthar properties. Sulthar Properties has truly been a blessing for my small business. They are incredibly diligent and responsive to both my requests as well as those of the tenants. The support staff does a fantastic job of locating tenants when houses go vacant and keeping me informed of any housing maintenance issues that pop up. The financial staff meticulously provides a timely pay out of rental income in a logical, easy to read format. I have personally visited my properties with Mohamed and talked with the tenants. He has a very calming, inviting personality which puts a tenant at ease. This quality, which eludes many of his peers, greatly helps to make a tenant comfortable and keeps them in my property. I have found this quality to be an important asset to my business. Bottom line: I feel very comfortable knowing that Mohamed and Sulthar properties are managing my investment. Please feel free to contact me if you'd like further reference support on Sulthar Properties. sulthar properties property management testimonial

William P, Property Owner

Dallas Property Management
Frequently Asked Question

What happens to the tenant's security deposit? Do you keep it?

Yes. In compliance with Texas Law the tenant's security deposit is kept in an escrow account. The move-out inspection and digital pictures document the condition of your property and any damages beyond normal wear and are deducted from the security deposit along with any other money owed by the tenant. The balance is returned to the tenant within 30 days as required by Texas Property Code.